Le Petit Trianon. Marie-Antoinette's Glory and Ruin

Le Petit Trianon  Marie-Antoinette's Glory and Ruin       

 Visited April 2019

There are two royal villas towards the back of Versailles garden. The first one is named as Le Grand Trianon, and the second as Le Petit Trianon. Smaller number of visitors only walk into both Trianon, because most of typical tourists do not hold enough hours for Trianon visiting. They might be either extremely exhausted by long walk with cloudy palace site visit.
VersaillesPetit Trianon402宮殿正面


If you are mania to “ The Rose of Versailles “ ,one of top popular Japanese-French hybrid style musical show , I highly recommend Le Petit Trianon visiting must be a basic route for its traceability of  the musical. Because Le Petit Trianon is considered even in good or bad, as Marie-Antoinette’s symbolic monument. It is up to your feeling whether admiring villa’s elegant scene by making fancy retroactive days or sharing fairly anger of  Mr. Oscale of the musical main cast, to Marie-Antoinette and her surroundings without respecting citizens’ difficulties in their life.


Le Petit Trianon is about 2 km away from  the main building of the Palace of Versailles, approaching there in about a 20 minute walk. Visitors are lead to enter into the left side of the main building.

VersaillesPetit Trianon406メイン階段で2階

Highlights are the elegant interior of the building and the vast English garden extending to the far right. They put a nickname now for Le Petit Trianon as "Domaine de Marie-Antoinette",which means “Territory of Marie-Antoinette “. Originally it was built for an official mistress of Louis XV's Lady Pompadour. Now we imagine simply Le Petit Trianon as Marie-Antoinette’s historical monument, since she died before the completion.

"It's good to be easy to understand"

“Awful Austrian wife’s of  Marie-Antoinette territory, Le Petit Trianon was.”

I believe this is one of reason that Le Petit Trianon was not so popular visiting site until people were changing its historical evaluation for Marie-Antoinette from a bad women to just a queen of Bourbon dynasty in late 18th. Century.

VersaillesPetit Trianon408控室

I entered the main building first, then went upstairs to see the residence. The ground floor hold entrance, kitchen and guard waiting rooms. Up the stairs, I found a famous portrait of Marie-Antoinette on the wall in the room to the right. The atmosphere of the easy-going madam itself was often seen. Outside the window, a French sytle garden leading to Le Gran Trianon was exposed to rain.

VersaillesPetit Trianon411ゲーム室

Continue to the saloon where the room for a private party venue, the interior of the soft feeling stuck to the eyes. Next was the living room and saloon where Marie Antoinette spent her time with her children or savage friends. At the end was a small dining room with light blue colour on white background. If you hide the window with a mirror there, you could not look in from the outside. There was a lot of rumor that Marie-Antoinette had a meal only with her Swedish lover of Earl Felzen, but what was the truth? We often confuse with facts and rumors. I believe it was impossible in any case for Marie Antoinette to secretly have invited her lover to eat "only for two" without servants etc.

VersaillesPetit Trianon412西端の寝室

The corner room was Marie Antoinette's bedroom. Where did the children sleep? Beds at that time were everywhere packed. She laid her pillow on her back and slept halfway, leaning back, so this size seemed to be enough. Also, I wondered when they talked about love together, did they remained that way?

VersaillesPetit Trianon413トイレ後付け

There was a toilet and a bathroom behind the bedroom. It seemed to bet a post-revolution specification about 30 years after Marie-Antoinette was there, but it was quite a fine structure. There was a bathtub on the wall of the toilet, and servants seemed to pour hot water into the pot when bathing.

As always, sightseeing has the aspect of "giving visitors the way they want to see it", so you have to understand technical book as much as it is true.

VersaillesPetit Trianon421愛の殿堂

I went out and saw the Royal Villa, Lover's pavillion a little far away. I felt that it was a healing space that stood small in green. However, as we knew, She  arrived at fatal end when she overlooked the citizens and surroundings without political consideration. There may be some historical unluck, but it certainly isn't.

Let's just walking around in a jerky mood, "Everything is beyond history."

VersaillesPetit Trianon432アモー王妃の家と池のどか

Le Petit Trianon has gained more attention due to the recent Marie-Antoinette boom. Once we walked into the garden for about 10 minutes from the main building, we could see a large pond and several flurry farmhouses over the trees. That was "Hameau"  of which means "rural village scenery". It is translated as "Queen's Village" in guidebooks.

"Hameau" is Hamlet in English. I remembered either Shakespeare's famous tragedy "Hamlet". I thought "Hamlet"was the hero's name, but it seemed like a nickname. We may feel it like "The tragedy of the countryside prince", if we translate it into Japanese by meaning. To Shakespeare himself, he may have wanted to convey the nuance of " the sadness of a prince who can't survive, with a little tragedy".

VersaillesPetit Trianon434アモー王妃の家と隣家

 The building at the heart of Hameau, is named as La Maison de la Reine ( The Queen’s House ) with  unforgettable visiting point more than the main building.

 Everyone, your thoughts will cross your own heart.
"What's the highlight of this rustic country house?"
"Wow, we've finally approached at Marie Antoinette's favorite residence!"

I thought, "Was this the story of Hameau's "La Maison de la Reine " that I heard rumored. I was deeply moved by the easy Queen's relics?"

The interior looks like an elegant and elaborate structure different completely from the exterior.

The official website of the Palace ofVersailles explains the interior of the Queen's house with images as attachedits website address below.


 This building is " a public open area where you can't tour freely." However, a guided tour organized by the palace, including an inside tour of the Queen's House, is also released from May 2018. The date and time of the event can be checked on the official website. As of September 2019, the extra cost for guided tours is 10 euro per person same as other guided tours.

VersaillesPetit Trianon王妃の家の裏から

I took a quick look at La Maison de la Reine  and the surrounding country houses.

The first was behind the spiral staircase of  La Maison de la Reine.  In the distance, we could see a watermill-like building and also see a so-called kitchen house behind. Alongside  La Maison De La Reine, we could have an eye on a fishing hall called "Marlborough Tower". The pond water was not so transparent, but there were fish and ducks, even though no luxury coloured Japanese carp.

VersaillesPetit Trianon437アモーと左マルボロー塔

 When we reached the position to look over the whole pond, we found that the country houses were lined up casually,c entering on " La Maison de la Reine ". It was a ultimate picture scroll, calculated in the countryside.

I wondered which reaction you minded favourable or ridiculous on this scene. The results of history have already come out, so I felt that it would be best for tourists to enjoy the beauty of Hameau's artificial rural landscape. For me, it was a spectacle with an innocence.

VersaillesPetit Trianon438マルボロー塔と黒ヤギ

 I imagined priceless cost for construction and maintenance. Of course, as Marie Antoinette advocates claim,"it was known amount to be about hundreds millions US dollar equivalent amount compared to the huge amount of national debt at that time", but it was definitely an expenditure on the other hand that could be saved.

 "But it's comfortable and cozy. I love living like this."

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Let’s walk into Versailles Designated Visiting Area

Let’s walk into Versailles Designated Visiting Area      April 2019

I and my family preferred to choose an official guided tour by the Palace of Versailles for special viewing area of king’s private rooms and opera. I booked it on the official website of the Palace of Versailles with supplementary 10 euro per person. It was a group of about 25 people on a fully booked English guided tour.



I hope you enjoying more about Versailles by approaching this service on the website :




The reception was located in the building on the right, Aile des Ministres Nord. Only a handful of people headed to the reception without catching the public's attention. The most scary thing for Japanese was envy. Once typical Japanese may imagine us by unfair approaching despitet he proper ticketing steps, there's nothing you can do about it.

Pressing the reception door, there was a staff in charge, and after a word of “bonjour”, the staff checked and confirmed our tickets immediately. And they brought us to one of the waiting rooms along the corridor behind. The walls of the waiting room were designed to create a Versailles mood in each room, but it was a simple impression. The wooden floor seemed to be high-grade, but there was no gold shiny.


I found timely a series of the shadowfigures of the king, queen, and official mistress on the wall.

"Look!  there's  Marie Antoinette. She is only the woman with gorgeous headdress. "

My friend of Versailles' musical mania suddenly glowed when she saw the shadow. "Does Marie-Antoinette appear in such a place?" Everyone should have experienced the moment when they realized that the famous historical musical was next to us closely.


Without knowledge of French history, it would be difficult to understand the position of the shadow figures in the history, but I thought it was enough to enjoy the atmosphere of the room, which gave the mood of visiting the palace.

 About 5 minutes before the starting time, a staff appeared, then handed out exclusive earphones to participants, and drilled a performance test. The guide also came into the waiting room, introduced herself and explained a routing. She suggested additionally that the participants of the guided tour were distinguished by the exclusive earphones, so that they should always wear them.
Versailles106宮殿真正面 顔塗り

We started the tour punctually by approaching the "B" gate of the main building for tours and other visitors, entered first with a security check, and left the royal courtyard: Le Court de Bonheur in front of the main entrance. Then, we finally entered the area where self-guided visitors were off.


The king’s private rooms of Louis XV were near the first floor on the right side of the main building, where were probably backside of a series of official king’s room with a lot of visitors. We stepped up a stunningly coloured staircase, and then approached rooms coloured by calm gold leaf, followed by a stunning gold shiny. I understood there were two types of king's dwellings: so-called half-formal private space and private living space. The former space seemed a space for particularly important guests and acquaintances with invitation. The latter was used to be a true private space, for only a family, a close friend, and super VIP guests.


Both spaces were decorated luxuriously by the basic design of Versailles of gold and white, where ceiling paintings from Greek mythology, and shining chandeliers. However, I felt the front was more luxuriously made with emphasis on appearance. The internal space seemed to be made for easy living. For example, internal rooms were facing south enough for having get sunshine even in the middle of winter. Because stone buildings might be frozen down unimaginably in winter. The floor plan was also assigned to increase the heating effect. Avoiding overly fancy decorations, the room was elegant and calm for private living.


 As you know, most of the furniture in the Palace of Versailles were sold off at auction during the French Revolution to have funded against foreign and rebel forces. We should consider a luckily historic background when we looked the palace building itself remained free of charge. Otherwise all palaces and its interiors might be sold off or destroyed in that revolution situation where all of European kingdoms unanimously tried to crush French revolutionary government as a traitor against monarchy system.

 Most of the furniture there is a remnant of what was recently bought back or prepared for some event. On the other hand, the walls, ceilings and chandeliers were original with super gorgeous. It has an irresistible beauty excessively writing usually.


Once we looked Versailles, all palaces of the same style can only be viewed as replica with feeling that "no compared to Versailles."  The Japanese State Guest House (Akasaka Imperial Palace) is, for example, no exception. I felt at the same time, Japanese unique value for monotone beauty, and for invisible sign is definitely another supreme culture compared to this kind of French royal culture. Both culture are pursuing supreme goal of each logic like freak ( otaku, ultra mania ).


 Here were some pictures of Louis XV's private rooms, Louis XVI's library with a gorgeous, elegant and noble atmosphere. The guide said Louis XVI's hobbies was lock-smithing and world geography. The former was very famous, but the latter was first heard to me. I believe not all kings are blessed with political talent, so it would be best to have a hobby by costing less. In my opinion, this seems to be the same regardless of century, east or west.

The guide opened the door of the game room and let us releasing a non-guided visitors’ route.

"The king and royal family have appeared from private space to official space like this."

I was very grateful for the guide's explanation and good guidance. However most visitors seemed unaware us, unfortunately completely different from monarchy age.

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こんにちはバンテアイ・スレイのデヴァターたち   2019年10月訪問



0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (27)
( 遠目にしか見えないデヴァター )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (1)
( はにかみがちな伝統的な衣装のデヴァター )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (8)
( きりりとした顔つきのデヴァター )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (26)
( 笑顔が少なめのデヴァターもいました )



0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (11)
( 顔が少し崩れて表情が見にくいデヴァター )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (33)
( この像も、欠け方が激しいですが口元の笑みが感じられます )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (21)
( やや彫りが浅い女神もいます )



0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (24)
( 現代風のデヴァター。すっきり美人 )

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (9)
( こちらもボーイッシュですが、表情がイマイチ )



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東洋のモナリザに振られたバンテアイ・スレイ      2019年10月訪問

バンテアイ・スレイ寺院遺跡:Banteay  Srei Temple は、「東洋のモナリザ」の異名を取る美しいデヴァター像のレリーフがとっても有名です。彫りが深く、色合いが美しいのです。

0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (2)
( デヴァターが彫ってある3つの塔 )






0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (27)
( 肉眼ではデヴァターは遠くに小さく見えるだけ )


( ルーブル美術館のモナリザ案内表示 )





0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (1)
( 右向きのデヴァターも美しいのですが・・・・・)


0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (4)
( 顔周りが少し崩れている左向きデヴァター )






0241バンテアイスレイのデヴァダー (30)
( 左向きで保存状態も良い美形のデヴァター )





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バンテアイ・スレイのリンガをなでたい          2019年10月訪問

0206バンテアイスレイ観光セと入口 (4)
( バンテアイ・スレイの玄関口と、実際の遺跡入口 )





0213BanteaySrei正面参道 (1)
( バンテアイ・スレイ山門と奥の方に小さく見える本堂 )



0213BanteaySrei正面参道 (4)
( 表参道に整然と並んだリンガ )


0213BanteaySrei正面参道 (10)
( リンガいっぱいの参道の振返り )



0213BanteaySrei正面参道 (11)
( バンテアイ・スレイ本堂遠望 )


0215バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂全景 (2)
( 彫りが深いレリーフがいっぱいのバンテアイ・スレイ本堂正面 )

0218バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂背面全景 (1)
( 真っ青な空に映える海老茶色のバンテアイスレイ本堂の塔 )



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うねるバンテアイ・スレイとカフェ   2019年10月訪問



0221バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂と環濠1025 (12)
0221バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂と環濠1025 (8)
( うねるバンテアイスレイの周壁と中央のお堂 )


0221バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂と環濠1025 (4)
( 別の角度から見たバンテアイ・スレイ本堂と周壁 )

0221バンテアイスレイ中央祠堂と環濠1025 (1)
( 本堂と両脇の塔を背面から見る )


0209バンテアイスレイ入場口奥の蓮池 (2)
0208バンテアイスレイ内部高級レストランと仏団体 (1)
( トイレ利用案内。外部者は2000リエル、約1/2ドル )


0208バンテアイスレイ内部高級レストランと仏団体 (2)
0208バンテアイスレイ内部高級レストランと仏団体 (3)
( わいわいがやがやフランス人のシニア・マダムご一行様 )



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バンテアイ・スレイへの道     2019年10月訪問

遺跡めぐりに慣れたころ、バンテアイ・スレイ遺跡:Banteay Srei Temple に行きました。シェムリ・アップからトゥクトゥクで北へ1時間ばかりのところにある10世紀のヒンドゥー寺院遺跡です。


0201バンテアイスレイへの道中風景 (3)
0202バンテアイスレイ道中農村 (2)
( 郊外の田園地帯と街道風景 )


0203バンテアイスレイアプローチ看板 (1)
( バンテアイ・スレイへの分岐点にある門 )


0203バンテアイスレイアプローチ看板 (3)
( クメール文字とアルファベット併記の道路標識 )
0204バンテアイスレイ近づく (2)
( バンテアイ・スレイは少し先を左折 )


0205バンテアイスレイ駐車場 (2)
0206バンテアイスレイ観光セと入口 (1)
( バンテアイ・スレイの駐車場と世界遺産標識 )




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プレ・ループは熱かった   2019年10月訪問

アンコールワット遺跡めぐりの「大回りコース」の、はじめか終わりに位置するのがプレ・ループ:Pre Roup temple  遺跡です。


0461プレループ遺跡1023 (6)
 ( プレ・ループ遺跡正面 )

0461プレループ遺跡1023 (9)
( 急傾斜で熱いプレ・ループ遺跡の正面階段 )




0461プレループ遺跡1023 (11)
( 上のテラスから下のテラスや周囲の森を見る )


0461プレループ遺跡1023 (19)
( 原型を残しているライオンの彫像 )



0461プレループ遺跡1023 (23)
( 崩れ去り、赤茶色の石と摩仁グルマのデザインの窓が残った壁 )


0461プレループ遺跡1023 (27)
( ただただ太陽に照らされてたたずむばかりのプレ・ループ )

0461プレループ遺跡1023 (32)
(プレ・ループ遺跡と主塔を側面から仰ぎ見る )


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象さん仰ぐイーストメボン遺跡    2019年10月訪問

イースト・メボン遺跡: East Mebon temple  は、アンコールワット遺跡大回りコースの、ちょうど中間点あたりにある10世紀の中規模遺跡です。


0451イーストメボン風景1023 (3)
( 意外と端正で美しいイーストメボン正面 )


0451イーストメボン風景1023 (5)
( 原型を保った象の彫刻が鎮座する内陣の壁 )
0451イーストメボン風景1023 (23)
( 見事な象さんの像 )


0451イーストメボン風景1023 (10)
(  ライオンが狛犬代わりの本堂への階段 )

0451イーストメボン風景1023 (21)
( 崩落しながらも美しいベージュ色をした本堂と塔の数々 )
0451イーストメボン風景1023 (12)
( 中央の塔を間近で仰ぎ見る )


0451イーストメボン風景1023 (15)
(  中央のお堂内に祀られた仏様 )


0451イーストメボン風景1023 (14)
(  塔の頂上部はたいてい崩れて青天井 )

( イーストメボン付近の田んぼがすがすがしい )


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Amazing Angkor Wat among Humidity and Hot

Amazing Angkor Wat among Humidity and Hot                 Visited on Octber 2019

1  The pinching story by stroking-prohibited Devata of Hindu Goddess


Angkor Wat sightseeing is a kind of battle against humidity and hot weather.

Also you have to beat  temptation by the Devata sexy smile or meaningful face.

0731Aワット全景午後の影快晴 (4)
(   Angkor Wat main tower and centre gate  )


I walked into the first corridor of Angkor Wat either as others did. The first corridor is very famous for its relief, which is continuously carved on the long wall.

(   Devata of Hindu goddess by black shining )

The Hindu goddess of Devata in  shirtless appearance welcomes tourists with various expressions. However, there are rule boards instructing no-touching, neither stroking on the relief, even though it was possible in the past. We find around the relief that both Devata and the statue of the king are glowing black. There seems to be a mixture of hand grit and the coulor of the original stone. It is easier to recognize unevenness of the relief appear clearly. So it might be better to touch it gently for a moment.

I skip commentary on the relief because of a lot of commentary are written by guidebooks and other travelers’ notes. I sometimes consulted my guidebook and went around to keep the famous points. Just saying impressively “Well  here, how nice carved so far “.

1138Aワット第1回廊レリーフマハーバーラタ1022 (1)
(  One of famous relief at the first corridor  )

I believe if you would know the Hindu mythology "Mahabharata" and"Ramayana", you would be more impressed. Hindu worldview which directly connects to this world, is very instantaneous and familiar with my way of understanding differt from their religious philosophy. On the other hand, Indian way of the worldview is in any case too long and complicated to know them on tourism.I remembered as well a similar case of my Indian business experience.

"Oh,That’s an Indian culture."

I heard a whisper from Devata at the same timing, saying,

"It's not a simple moral discipline like monotheism, so it can't be helped.

(  Endless relief at the first corridor )

No one can proceed to walk without holding a couple of water and handy towel in any time, although the relief was under the roof. The temperature was over 30 degree there with hot and humid on late October of the starting period of less rain months.

2  The Second Corridor with Empty


The second corridor in Angkor Wat is almost empty.

The guidebook instructed that once there were many Buddha statues, but they were destroyed or taken away during the Khmer Rouge administration in 1970’s. I don't know how true it is,but it is the fact that there are quite a few headless Buddha statues inside the corridor.

0024Aワット第2回廊ざっと1022 (5)
(  Exhibitions of headless budda statues at the second corridor )

I believe  that "humans are the worst destroyers of human-created cultural properties instead of natural disaster etc. " I couldn't help but remember the bombing of the Great Buddha of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the fire of Notre Dame in Paris etc. The Angkor Wat archaeological site has been holding up for 600 years at least with some distorted stone structures and collapsed in conspicuous places.” What’s an exciting event, isn’t it ?  I felt it.

1140Aワット午後第2回廊外側中庭と建物何? (1)
(  View of the first corridor from the second corridor )

3    Crawling up to the Third Corridor

1166Aワット第3回廊から主塔晴天13時1022 (1)
(  Closer view for the main tower of the Angkor Wat )


I finally crawled up the third corridor of the main tower considered as the highlight of Angkor Wat visit. Upon completion of the steep stairs, I found the main tower was standing quietly alone, which was godly but lost its life, thereafter just left only silence. It is said that the third corridor was a space only for privileged classes such as royals during the active era. But it turns to a ruin now, so that anyone can approach into there.

 0662Aワット第3回廊登り口1022 (4)
(   Steer tourist stair to the third corridor )

Currently,there are restrictions on admission, and the corridor is limited to a maximumof 100 people. At the time of congestion, they maintain a counting mechanism to replace one by one by releasing designated ticket at entrance checkpoint. We may mind to waits for 30 minutes or a couple of hours at worst. It is also prohibited to approach on designated Buddhist dates about four times a month.I find some travel journal reporting not to have approached to the third corridor, who could spend only a few hours staying Angkor Wat. "Oh, sorry! It's like losing a best sightseeing spot at Kiyomizu-dera temple’s famous stage in Kyoto visit. “


As I described it, the stairs are also steep slopes. I do not understand its concept of the founder or designer of the temple. I came up with at a glance that old Japanese-style house maintained the similar steer slope of the stairs either,then old people would have thought as such everywhere. For a moment, I was not sure if I could climb. There's no better way to come here and climb without waiting.
0662Aワット第3回廊登り口1022 (5)
(  Underviewing of the stair  from the third corridor )

I was really satisfied with the climbing up after hesitation only for a moment. Having decided  "There were hand railings, yeah, it's still. "  Nevertheless I was not sure to crawl up without touristic less steep stairs, might consider  “  I'm a senior and I don't have the confidence to go down steep stairs.” According to guidebooks, getting downbackwards is a way to increase the dangers since one cannot see the bottom,then one should step off the foot.
(   View for main approach and forest from the third corridor )


Walking through the floor of the third corridor, I was able to realize that it was closer to heaven. Except for the main approach, it is covered with dense forest on all sides. In the past, it shouldn't have been like this. I thought that the time span of 600 years after the dynasty had fallen had returned the surrounding villages to the forest. Going to the centre of the corridor, looking up at the main tower, I felt as well having looked at the top of the sacred mountain.

(  No vitalizing at the main tower of the Angkor Wat )

On the other hand, no vitality other than the movement of tourists around there. Dark stones, and partially distorted stone buildings were just sitting there. Only silence remained, once few number of tourists walking slowly disappeared on that day. The statues of Hindu deities were not looking at us at all. I looked up white clouds moving over the tower,but could not  hear the wind sound.

 ( Only  silence, sky, cloud without holy mood )

I could feel the wisdom of humankind, but it was difficult to imagine the bustling days of the Khmer dynasty. I might be lucky to touch only beautiful scenery of the Angkor Wat without being deceived by the attitude of a monk at the time, who might have been greedy and authority.

1171Aワット第3回廊主塔下現代仏像 (2)
(  Modern budda statue for symbolizing today's Angkor Wat status )

Reported on March 2020                                                            End

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